All of these tools are available from us direct or via our Ebay shop.


Steeringremover Steering head bearing remover
Brakepistontool Brake piston remover
brgtool Wheel bearing remover set
Forkoil Fork oil level setting tool
Gudgeon Piston gudgeon pin extractor
Flywheelpuller Flywheel extractor set - 10 piece to fit 15 different metric threads. A very useful set for any workshop.
InsidePuller Blind Bearing Puller Set - Useful to extract bearings from casings or off a shaft while the bearing is still in a casing, locks into the bearing race itself
valvecomp Motorcycle valve spring compressor set
coilspring Motorcycle coil spring compressor - specially made for motorcycle size springs
wiretwist Safety lock wire twister pliers
valvepuller Tyre tube valve puller
spokekey Spoke key set
forktool   Showa / Kayaba fork cartridge removal tool
drzfork   DRZ / XR fork cartridge removal tool
Oilsealpuller   Oil seal removal tool
Springhook   Spring hook puller / extender